Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apartment living vs House living

As we are less than a week from closing on our house, I can't help but think how thankful I am for God even providing a roof over our heads. When I get annoyed with apartment living, I have to check myself and be thankful for even having a place to live. However, there are many annoyances with apartment living. Here are just a few that have been getting on my last nerve lately:

Sharing walls. Our apartment in Columbus had very thin walls and I could hear EVERYTHING! We were on the 2nd floor, so we heard the people above and below us. Our neighbor below us had a very bad, sporatic temper, and our neighbor above us had lead feet. I guess I don't need to complain about that anymore, because that apartment is out of our lives forever. ha!

We are actually very lucky with our apartment in Az. After about 10 people moved out of the apartment above us. (And 10 people is not an exaggeration) One man moved in up stairs. He's actually very quiet and I really don't ever hear him. EXCEPT when he vaccums about every other day right at nap time. It usually doesn't wake Bri up, but how annoying! Nap time is suppose to be quiet time for mommy and baby!

So in about a week, we will be done with apartment living...until the season starts next year. And I am so grateful!!!

Here are a couple of my favorite spaces in our new place:

                                                                        The Kitchen!

                                                                    The Master Shower

I'll post more pics when it's completely done! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We're back in Az!

Well we are back in Az! It feels so good to be back minus this hot weather! This is the time of year in Columbus when it starts to get a little cooler, and well, in Phoenix, it probably will not get cooler for at least a couple of months. *sigh* But loving being home. It's funny because I am enjoying little luxuries such as having more than 4 towels on hand. During the season, we normally have the bare necessities. 4 forks, 4 plates, 1 frying pan, no decorations etc. So having pictures on the wall and not having to run the dish washer once a day, feels like a luxury to me. 

In the mean time, I am trying to get in some sort of a normal routine now that we're back. It's been a difficult adjustment for Brielle at the gym. The Lifetime fitness is SO busy here and I think she gets a bit overwhelmed. She finally got used to the girls at the gym in Columbus, and then I go and change it on her. Sorry babe! I am missing the Lifetime back in Columbus myself. The one particular instructor I loved, is amazing! She was so great at really caring about the material, and people taking her classes. I don't particularly get the same feeling at the Lifetime here in Gilbert.... I'll adjust! 

Our house is coming along just beautifully, and we are set to close September 5th! I can honestly say that I  really love this house and plan on staying there for a long time! Even though Matt and I had the house in Queen Creek, this is a house we bought together, so it's officially ours.... So needless to say, I really haven't unpacked from the season yet, because I feel like we'll be moving so soon. 

Oh yeah, and there's 12 games left in the season... Not really ready for Matt's season to be over for him, but ready for the season to be over-if that makes any sense. 

                                         Here are some pics of our last few days in Columbus! 

And our house! Not completely done, but getting there! (PS- I plan on our yard having a little more green in it!) 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

God and Baseball

I’ve been wanting to write about my feelings about baseball for sometime now, but honestly, it’s hard to completely write my true feelings for the “whole world” to read. It also may seem like I am complaining for no reason. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very blessed with the life we live. So many people dream of being in the situation we are in. I know it could be so much worse. I thank God for my husband. For his health, his attitude, job, and I could go on and on. But sometimes I get discouraged. Living an unstable, inconsistent life can be wearing. (I can’t imagine how my husband may feel) I was reading a baseball article recently, and a player was quoted saying “I was disappointed when I broke camp with A ball. But I knew my future was in my own hands. If you pitch well and get better at the things they want you to get better at, odds are they'll move you up." I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read this. Ok, yes this is true in some cases. But in baseball, you can do your absolute best and it is still not "good enough". I have many stories of Matt doing basically everything he could, and still it not being “good enough”. Goodness, my husband is a fighter. I look up to him in so many ways. And when I really think about it, I seriously cannot believe some of the things that have gone on in his baseball career. (Maybe I’ll go into detail when I write a book later-Ha!) So just when I feel like “Geez God, what in the world are you doing with us in this baseball life?!” He shows me. Yesterday, Matt called me after his game excitedly telling me about a conversation he was having with one of his teammates about God. I couldn’t help but feel as excited as he was telling me the story. We hung up the phone, and I realized, oh, that’s why we are living this unstable, inconsistent life. God may have placed us on this triple-A Columbus Clippers baseball team, to change the mind of that one player on Matt's team.

I know my husband has been a witness to more than just that one person. He has witnessed to many, including myself. Thank you sweetheart, and Thank you, Jesus! I am reminded, once again, that we are right where we are suppose to be…. For now :)

Click the link below to see Matt hit a BOMB! I think it's probably the farthest homer I've ever seen him hit! *proud wife* 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Goodbye Grandma Pris

I’m sitting here writing with a heavy heart as we heard the news of Matt’s grandma Priscilla’s passing, Weds evening.  I’ve been sad all day today, but I feel happy knowing she’s in heaven.  I’ve always thought of Pricsilla to be a special person in my life. She’s always made me feel so welcomed in the Pagnozzi family. She was so loving, caring and thoughtful.  She always remembered me for birthdays and holidays, which I have always been particularly impressed with, because I’m not her blood granddaughter. But some of my favorite memories of Pricsilla, were her phone calls. Before she got extremely ill, she ALWAYS called Matt and myself to see how we were doing and to give us words of encouragement. One of my favorite phone calls I will never forget was when Matt was in one of the first seasons of his professional baseball career. He had lost some weight because he went from playing college ball, a couple times a week, to pro ball where he played almost every day. She left the cutest phone message that I will never forget. It went something like this: Hey Matt, it’s grandma. I heard that you are getting a bit skinny, so I don’t want you to worry about what you eat. Eat whatever you want. Eat lots of macaroni and cheese, and McDonald hamburgers. Love you, bye” I will never forget it. Matt saved it on his phone for a while, because we thought it was so cute and sweet. I can also remember her leaving messages saying things like: “Just hit the crap out of the ball.” I loved it.  Not only did she call Matt to see how we were but she would always call me as well. Made me feel so good. I will always cherish the memories I have of Priscilla. We love her so much and she will be greatly missed.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

San Diego

We had such an amazing week in San Diego with family! The time went by way too fast but we enjoyed every second of it! First of all, the house we stayed in was GORGEOUS!!! It was across the street from the beach, and we really had no reason to leave the house because it was so accommodating and beautiful! If I could, I would buy that house in a heart beat! (Yeah if I had an extra 2.5 mil) Yeah it’s for sale right now, but I guess the owners are renting it out in the mean time. 

Every morning we got up (early) and dad had coffee waiting for us. (My dad makes the best coffee)We sat and relaxed and visited, just enjoying each other.  That was probably some of my favorite times as it was so peaceful and relaxing.  Dad, Christine and I also ran on the beach pretty much every morning. I can totally understand why there are so many fit people in San Diego. How could you not want to get up and exercise in that gorgeous weather?! I felt like I could run forever! It was awesome!

Oh and I forgot the biggie! Matt was on All-Star break so he was able to join us for a few days! It was so nice to be as a family on vacation! 

On our way as a family to San Diego! It was a treat for me, I always fly with Bri by myself!

Our view from the balcony of our place

Family beach time


My nephew Aiden is such a cutie and is walking now!! I love him so much!

One of the highlights from Sea World! There was this huge Sesame Street area with a play ground etc. SO fun!

Family Pics (Brielle was so tired and didn't want to cooperate, hence her bink) Thanks Scott for taking the pics!!

This was the best family shot we took! I had bigger plans for these family pics but having babies makes it hard! 

My parents are so good to us!

Love my sisters!

My mom and Bri has such a special bond. She didn't even want to go to me the entire trip.

She loves my dad so much!! 

My dad and Aiden share the same Birthday! We celebrated Aiden's 1st and my dads 52nd!! 

LOL! Brielle was NOT happy!

Here is the house we stayed in! My Brother in Law Brian found it. It was perfect and the pictures don't even do it justice! If you want to see pics of the whole house google: 3870 Carlsbad Blvd- GORGEOUS!

I can't wait to make many more memories on family vacations! Having the babies is SO much fun!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I love to workout! It's one of my most favorite things to do. I have been going to Lifetime fitness here in Columbus and I LOVE it! The fitness groups they have at this particular gym are amazing! The instructors are all so knowledgeable and motivational! I am a runner and spinner at heart, but since I've been going to Lifetime, I have fallen in love with their "bootcamp" like classes. They have other names for them, but that is the best way I can describe it to the general public. I feel a lot more fit going to these classes getting a little resistance training in! 

Anyway, I started noticing some REALLY cute workout clothes some of the gals at the gym were wearing. Come to find out, all of the really cute gear I was seeing was from Lululemon! I've been to Lululemon, and Matt actually got me a pullover from there for Christmas last year. But when I found out how much it was, I returned it. I couldn't justify it, at the time. Yeah, it's pricey. But I was assured by my friends Alicia and Carly that it was totally worth it! I was skeptical, but I couldn't get the caaaaauuuute Lulu outfits out of my head! So my sweet husband agreed to let me get an outfit from there. Ok, let me just say it is THE BEST workout gear I have ever worn. I'm obsessed! Something about it sucks everything in the right way, absorbs the sweat perfectly, and not to mention looks adorable. I don't want to wear anything else now. So for now I'm going to invest in the good stuff, a little bit at a time! Here are some of my wish lists items:  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Father’s day is special to me because it gives me a chance to honor the men in my life that I consider to be wonderful dads.  Fortunately, I am blessed to have many great dads in my life. I feel a little emotional this year not being with any of the guys in my life that I love so much. But feel grateful to know that they are there for us when we need them.


You are someone in my life that I have always been able to count on.  When I was younger you were always the one to save me when I had a flat tire, my car wouldn’t start, or my car was stolen. Geez- do you remember that day, dad? “Dad, did you by any chance borrow my car?” ha! But you were right there to rescue me in the midst of my car crisis. (And we all know I have had many) What makes me feel secure even to this day, is to know that you are still willing to do these same things for me even as a grown woman. You are always there when I need you. I am forever grateful for that. THANK you for all that you do! I love you so, so much dad and today I am especially thankful for all you do for our family.

Matt, my AMAZING husband, and Brielle’s wonderful daddy,

It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the day that Brielle was born. As soon as she heard your voice, her eyes immediately locked with yours and I knew she had your heart and you had hers. She loves you so so much! When you are on your road trips she holds your picture, points to you and says “dada”. I love how you tell me daily how much you love our daughter. It makes me love you so much more, if that’s even possible.

 I’m so grateful and proud for you being the provider to our family. You work so hard at perfecting your talent, and you are so strong (mentally and physically).  You handle yourself with such grace and poise not just in your profession, but in everything you do.

Thank you, sweetheart for being the best daddy and husband. I am so happy to know Brielle has someone as great as you, to look up to for love, guidance and wisdom. WE-ARE-BLESSED. I love you!

  Grandpa Charlie,

You are someone that I can always count on for a great laugh! Even though your words are sparse, you always seem to say the right things at the right time.  Most of the time it’s something that cracks everyone (and yourself) up. I love that. You and Grandma are always there for people in a time of need, and you are the kindest most giving people I know. I love you so much!

Grandpa Julian,

Even though you are in heaven now, I still think of you often. There is a picture on my refrigerator at home of me and you, when I was about 4. I love it. I can still hear you and grandma singing at family functions. You with your guitar, serenading to grandma, with grandma. A memory I will never forget. I love you grandpa.

 Tim, (my father in law)

I can remember the first time I met you at one of Matt’s college games. So serious and into your son’s baseball game. It gave me a sneak peak of the passion and love you have for your son. Always looking for his best interest at heart. Matt still talks about the huge sacrifices you made for him to play baseball and to always make sure you were there for games, practices etc. You work so hard. I now know where Matt gets his work ethic. Thank you for all that you do for our family. You are caring, loving, encouraging, and you are always looking out for us.  Miss you and love you.

Brian, (my brother in law)

My sister could not have picked a better husband and daddy to sweet Aiden. You have always been so great with kids, so to know the love that you have for Aiden is incredible. Thank you for always keeping the laughter going and for being a wonderful brother in law! 

Doug, (my step-father in law)

Thank you for always being so loving, kind and gentle. You have always been a huge support to Matt and I.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives and thankful for all that you do for the family.

I hope that you all know how much you are loved and missed! Enjoy YOUR day!